A Neilston youngster completed a gruelling charity run to raise cash for cancer research - just two days after being given the all clear from the disease. Brave little Eva Jenks, seven, was diagnosed with skin cancer a year ago, but refused to let the illness defeat her.

And she celebrated her good health by raising �160 to help the battle for a cancer cure in the Race for Life on Glasgow Green on June 3.

Eva, of Orr Terrace, Neilston, was diagnosed with Skin Cancer after a mole on her back was found to be malignant, despite doctors previously insisting there was nothing to worry about, and she was immediately referred to professionals at Yorkhill Children's Hospital.

Two days before completing the 5km charity race in 42 minutes, the P3 pupil at Neilston Primary was told she had beaten the disease.

In her small entourage was proud mum Katy Jenks, 29, who stood by her through her ordeal, and followed her mother's instinct when doctors told her there was nothing to worry about.

She said; "It was a year and a half ago that we took her to the doctors when we spotted the mole on her back, and the doctor said there was nothing to worry about. But I knew there was something not right, so took her back six months later and they said we had to do something about it then and there.

"She handled it so well, she was never up or down or unwell because of it, but I don't think the significance of what she had had set in. I still don't think it has."

Skin Cancer amongst young children is generally rare, especially if they are rarely in the sun or use sun cream when they do venture into the heat, so horrified Katy couldn't believe it when the diagnosis was given to her.

She said: "It was horrible, we had to wait the five weeks for the results. You never expect it to happen to your kid."

Eva ran the race hand in hand with her supportive older cousin Kaitlyn Ferguson, nine, and throughout the ordeal the girls were virtually inseparable.

"She ran hand in hand with her and she has been very good with her through it all, even when she was in hospital getting her operations Kaitlyn has been there for her.

"Even going to school Kaitlyn would carry Eva's bag so it wouldn't hurt her shoulder.

Eva was given the all clear on Friday, June 1 after months of monitoring and hospital appointments, and it is not lost on her relieved mum how much worse it could have been.

Katy said; "She was very lucky it was in that one part and hadn't spread."