A COMMUNITY radio station will hit the airwaves next Tuesday in preparation for its official launch.

As Barrhead based PULSE 98.4FM gets ready to go live in August it will undergo a number of tests to iron out any teething problems.

The station is being set up exclusively for the East Renfrewshire community and will work closely with all schools in the area.

The studio is based in Aurs Road, next to Barrhead High, and PULSE volunteer Elliot Mcllreavie said it will be an excellent opportunity for Barrhead youngsters interested in a radio career.

The 21-year-old said: "We are looking to do workshops with the school pupils and even get some of the kids on air.

"But the station is for the whole community and anybody with a big interest who wants to be involved in radio will be welcomed.

"Hopefully PULSE will bring people together and give them even more knowledge of the area.

"We are launching on my birthday which is a bonus but for us just now it is a case of getting people on board and getting things like advertising and sponsorship all sorted.

"We already have a mother and toddlers group who are going to use our premises to hold their meetings and also do some stuff on air.

"We are solely for the community we are here for everybody in East Renfrewshire." Initially, PULSE will run from 7am to 10pm but once it is up and running the producers will be able to put on shows 24/7.

Hardworking volunteers at PULSE have been working 10 hour days in preparation for the official launch.

The station will use a Synergy system and already boasts a record collection of over 8,000 records.

The dedicated group at PULSE are all volunteers who are that committed they don't even claim for expenses and even cut the grass outside the studio.

Pulse Secretary Paul Mulholland praised all the volunteers for their hard work and in particular Elliot.

He said: "The volunteers have been a big help and right now Elliot is PULSE FM.

"He is the one here every day making sure everything is getting done, he has a good head on his shoulders for a young man." If you want to get involved with Pulse FM contact 0141 880 8256.

Listen out next Tuesday, July 28, on 98.4FM as the station hit the airwaves for a test run.